Fish Species

No two fish species are alike. In this section, you'll get extensive background information and knowledge on various species so you know how to target them more effectively.

Fisherman showcasing a trophy walleye he caught using a walleye rigWalleye Rigs 101: 7 Sure-Catch Walleye Setups
Ask most anglers who have fished for walleye, and they’re quick to tell you that walleye are far from the easiest species to target. This challenge is one of the reasons why walleye fishing is so much fun. These fish will definitely make you work for it.  Fortunately, with the right gear and a reliable […]
August 22, 2022
Caught brown trout and fishing spinning rod in waterBest Trout Spinning Reel
Introduction There’s nothing better than eating freshly caught trout, especially if it’s one you’ve caught out of a local stream or river.  But for many anglers, trying to catch trout is a whole new realm of fishing since the best water for trout is relatively shallow, trout are finicky and elusive, and since they put […]
August 2, 2022

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