Boat, SUP & Kayak

Fishing by boat, SUP, or kayak is an entirely different experience that opens up a vast array of new opportunities for anglers. Get a head start with these guides.

colorful Kayaks by the lakesideBest Kayak Outriggers and Stabilizer Systems
Introduction Anyone that has ever been in a kayak knows it’s not always easy.  With a minimal surface area beneath you, kayaks are known for rocking and rolling considerably, especially as soon as you get choppy or rough water.  So, for anyone trying to get out on the water for some fishing, this could spell […]
August 2, 2022
A man fishes on a fishing tackle in the standup paddleboardBest SUP / Stand Up Paddle Boards for Fishing
Do you love to fish but want to get away from the shore to explore new territories on deeper waters? If so, you will want to get yourself a stand up paddleboard, also known as a SUP. They are well suited for fishing and way cheaper than paying for an entire boat. They are fun […]
August 2, 2022

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