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My Background

Hi there! My name is Dale. I live with my better half and beloved wife, Aline, in Central Chicago. In early 2016, I fathered a healthy and young boy named Elijah. Like his dad, he shows signs of a true fisherman at an early age – and oh boy, am I proud.

Besides my kid, fishing is one of my biggest passions in life. As a young boy, I’d jump around on stones at the shore hunting for small fish and crabs with my minnow net for hours on end. Nothing could stop me from seeking the ocean. Fishing is a skill my dad taught me as a kid and it is something I intend on bringing on to my kid as well.

At age 20, I moved from my small hometown Creston with around 600 odd citizens to a relatively bigger city – Chicago. I’ve been a part of several fishing clubs in the area throughout the years and have picked up tons of experience along the way.

I’m a total tackle fanatic. I can’t help but check out every new piece of tackle and if you don’t know what to give me for Christmas, just go with something fishing and I’m a happy man. Simples. My huge passion for fishing and tackle is the main reason as to why I’ve created Fishing Refined. I love writing, researching and sharing my knowledge. That’s what I do on here.
Dale Shetler
Dale Shetler
Founder of Fishing Refined

Background of Fishing Refined

Before Aline and I got Elijah, I vowed to myself that I’d turn my passion into my livelihood. As mentioned before, I love researching tackle and testing out new gear. That’s when the thought hit me… Why not create a website dedicated to what I love and try to make it my full-time job?

Fishing Refined is the product of my tackle passion. I launched this website in January 2019.

What is Fishing Refined?

Fishing Refined is a website dedicated to fishing. I test and review all kinds of tackle and spit in the experience I’ve gathered throughout the years to help my fellow fishermen pick the right fishing gear. Additionally, I also intend on bringing general informative content to the table that’ll (hopefully) help all of you become better fishermen.

On Fishing Refined, you’ll find in-depth buying guides, reviews of the most popular and latest tackle, general information about fish species, fishing types and tips and tricks for taking your fishing game to the next level.

Thanks for stopping by – If you’ve had a great time reading through any of the content on my website, feel free to do me the favor of spreading the word with your fellow fishing friends. Let’s all grow and learn together!