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September 12, 2021
Drop Shot Rigs 101: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Ready to unlock your full angling potential by mastering the drop shot rig? Today we teach you all the essentials to help you become an expert in this effective fishing rigging technique. Drop shot rigs are one of the easiest and most productive ways to catch bass, yet it’s a practice that many anglers look […]

September 2, 2021
How To Cast Spinning and Baitcasting Reels For Beginners

You’ve got your rod, bait, and equipment all set - yet you feel like you aren't really hitting your casts right. It's all too common, but we're here to help. Let's go back to the drawing board and teach you exactly how to optimally cast a spinning or baitcasting reel. The most essential and fundamental […]

July 30, 2021
How the Moon and Tides Affect Fishing

Fishing may seem simple, but some factors can affect your catch rate and if you’d get any fish to bite at all. The moon and tides have always been part of the conversation in the fishing community, as it’s known the moon affects sea levels at night. However, it can also affect fishing, as there […]

May 21, 2021
How To Catch Carp Like a Pro: 13 Tips for Beginners

Struggling to get those carp to bite? Carp fishing is known to test the skills of seasoned anglers but with these 13 simple yet effective steps, you'll be on your way to catch carp as the pros do it! For decades catching carp was treated with contempt, unless you happened to live in the U.K. […]

May 19, 2021
Top 6 Reasons Why You're Not Catching Fish

Fishing is a peaceful and enjoyable hobby that numerous people share. Those who enjoy fishing are happy to catch a fish of generous size on their fishing trips. People of all ages and genders can enjoy and learn how to fish correctly. One of the most significant downsides to fishing is not catching fish. Countless […]

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