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Setting up properly with the right rigs, baits, and lures is crucial for targeting different species and increasing catch rates. Get a head start on that here!

Fisherman showcasing a trophy walleye he caught using a walleye rigWalleye Rigs 101: 7 Sure-Catch Walleye Setups
Ask most anglers who have fished for walleye, and they’re quick to tell you that walleye are far from the easiest species to target. This challenge is one of the reasons why walleye fishing is so much fun. These fish will definitely make you work for it.  Fortunately, with the right gear and a reliable […]
August 22, 2022
bass caught with rubber worm in its jawBest Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing
Nothing quite beats heading out fishing with your best friends and go-to rod as the sun still waits to rise. While the skill you have plays a large part in your ability to catch a great bass, the gear you use also plays a vital role. This is where the plastic worm comes in to […]
August 2, 2022

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