Best Telescopic Fishing Rods of 2024

Written by Peter Lechner
Updated November 29, 2022
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We reviewed the top 7 best telescopic fishing rods in 2022. Discover our collapsible travel rod suggestions below along with a buying guide on what to consider.


A telescopic fishing rod

It’s happened to all of us, you’re out on an adventure and you find a hidden brook or lake and see fish rising all over the surface. You thought about bringing your fishing rod but with all the other gear you packed along there just wasn’t enough room.  Fortunately, you’ll never again have to worry about having enough space for your fishing pole.

Telescopic fishing poles collapse and can be stored in the smallest of spaces.  Telescopic rods are made of heavy-duty material, stainless steel guides and come with a variety of reel and handle options.

Whether you’re looking for an extendable fly rod you can take backpacking or a retractable pole that fits into a kayak for saltwater fishing, there is a telescopic option out there for you.

To help you make the best choice for your fishing needs, we’ve compiled our list of the six best telescopic setups on the market.

Top 7 Telescopic Rods

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Rod

Type: Telescopic Rod
Material: Fiberglass
Guides: High-quality components including stainless steel line guides
Length: 6'6" - 8'0"
Line Weight: 8-15lb
Power: ML, M, MH, H
Action: Fast, Moderately Fast
Handle: Comfortable EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) handle
Reel Seat: Graphite reel seats
Lure Rating: 3/16-5/8oz
Pieces: 1
Warranty: 1 Year
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The KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic rods come in both spinning and baitcasting models.  With 14 different options in length ranging from 6’6” to 8’, there is a KastKing model for any species or type of water you fish.

Soloscopic Performance Technology incorporates KastFlex Toray 24-ton carbon making the KastKing BlackHawk II one the lightest and most durable rods around.

Snug-Fit ferrules allow the line to pass through the guides smoothly and quickly for unmatched power.

Fast and easy assembly make setup and collapse a piece of cake.  When extending, start with the top guide pulling each section away from the previous.  To collapse, begin at the bottom and pull each piece toward the reel.  When you put the rod away, you can even leave the reel and line attached saving you time and frustration.

KastKing is so confident in their product that they offer a Total Peace of Mind one-year warranty. In our opinion, this is the best telescopic fishing rod at this price point.

Burning Shark Avengers Telescopic Rod

Type: Telescopic Rod
Material: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
Weight: 6.7-11.7oz
Guides: Stainless Steel Guides
Length: 5.91Ft to 11.81Ft
Line Weight: 5-10lb to 8-15lb
Power: UL
Handle: Lengthened Hollow Handle, EVA Fore Grip for Comfort
Reel Seat: CNC Machined Aluminum Reel Seat
Lure Rating: 1/4-1oz
Warranty: 1 year
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Designed with the bass fisherman in mind, the Burning Shark Avengers Rod series is one of the best values on the market.  Just because it is reasonably priced, however, doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed.

The rod is made from 24-ton carbon fiberglass, the reel seat of high-grade aluminum and the guides from stainless steel.  Put all these materials together and you have a rod that weighs as little as 6.07 oz in the shortest model and only 11.7 oz in the longest model.

Fully-extended lengths vary from 5.91’ to 11.81’.

While many guides are simply glued to the rod, the guides on the Burning Sharks Avenger are wrapped and sealed virtually guaranteeing they won’t snap off.

Unlike other telescopic rods on the market, Burning Shark Avengers rods come with an extendable hollow grip that gives you greater leverage for increased power when casting or playing a fish.

All Burning Shark Avenger rods come with a one-year warranty.

If you’re serious about chasing bass in thick structure and want a light-weight, portable rod that can stand the test, the Burning Shark Avenger series of rods is right for you.

Shimano STC Mini Tele Travel Spinning Rod

Type: Spinning Rod, Telescopic Rod
Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 82 - 152 g
Guides: Shimano stainless steel
Length: 1.8 - 2.7 M
Line Weight: 3-14 g
Power: L, ML, M
Action: Moderately Fast
Handle: Full cork
Pieces: 10
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If you have a little more money to spend and care a lot about getting the best quality travel rod out there, look no further than the Shimano STC Mini Tele.

At the smallest size, the Mini Tele folds down to a length of only 10 inches. With variations ranging from 6'6" to 8'85", moderate to fast action and medium to heavy power, there is surely a model that fits your needs.

The rod comes in a hard case so you can store it safely in a backpack filled to the rim without worrying about damaging your rod.

Despite it being a very compact rod, the Shimano STC Mini Tele provides excellent performance and durability. Casting - even with heavy baits - is a piece of cake and you always feel in control due to the stable yet lightweight XT60 rod blank.

Its anodized steel frames, Aluminum Oxide liners, and SiH guides ensure perfect control and sensitivity. The high-quality full cork grip provides a firm non-slip hold on the rod so you always feel in control when something bites.

PLUSINNO Telescopic Combo Kit Spinning Rod

Type: Spinning Rod, Surf Rod, Telescopic Rod
Material: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
Weight: 1.19 lb
Guides: Aluminum oxide guide inserts fishing pole
Length: 1.8-2.7M
Power: M
Handle: EVA Fore Grip
Reel Seat: Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats
Pieces: 2
Warranty: 1 Year
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The PLUSINNO Complete Kit is the most comprehensive telescopic fishing setup on the market.  The kit comes complete with a telescopic rod of your choice, a spinning reel, line, assortment of lures and padded carrying case.

The rod is well-built from high-density carbon steel and fiberglass making it sensitive when a fish strikes.

With extended lengths ranging from 5.91’ to 8.86’, there are plenty of options to suit your specific needs.  The shortest version of the pole retracts to 15.75” making it easy to store in your backpack or light saltwater craft.

An ergonomic grip made of EVA material is easy on your hands but allows you to keep control of the rod.

PLUSINNO’s Telescopic Fishing Complete Kit is perfect for the novice or casual fisherman.  When you purchase the entire package, you won’t have to worry about buying any other equipment.  The lightweight, non-corrosive and durable design won’t add excess weight to your fishing backpack or boat and setup is easy.

TROUTBOY Black Warrior Rod & Reel Combo

Type: Telescopic Rod
Material: Graphite
Weight: 5.1-10.9 oz
Guides: Stainless Steel Guides
Length: 5'10''-11'10''
Line Weight: 5-10lb to 8-15lb
Power: M, MH
Action: Fast
Handle: Comfort EVA Handle
Reel Seat: Exquisite Reel Seat
Lure Rating: 7-9g to 7-21g
Warranty: 1 Year
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The TROUTBOY Black Warrior is sold separately and in an affordable rod and reel combination.

The rod is made of 24-ton carbon and fiberglass making is elastic yet durable.  The reel seat is CNC machined aluminum.  The use of both these materials makes the TROUTBOY lightweight at just 5.1 ounces in the shortest model and easy to pack with you wherever your fishing adventures lead.

Lengths range from 5’10” to 11’10” so no matter if you’re chasing Brook Trout in the mountains or surf fishing in an exotic locale, there’s a TROUTBOY rod to fit your demands.

TROUTBOY stands 100% behind their products and every rod comes with a six-month guarantee.  Should you have any issues with your rod, customer support is also available 24 hours a day.

Sougayilang Black Hawk Spinning Rod

Type: Spinning Rod, Telescopic Rod
Material: Graphite
Weight: 5.2 - 11.6oz
Guides: Three Point Welded Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts
Length: 1.8 - 3.6M
Line Weight: 5-10lb to 8-15lb
Power: L
Action: Moderate
Handle: High-density EVA Grips
Reel Seat: CNC machined aluminum reel seat components
Lure Rating: 7-9g to 7-21g
Pieces: 1
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Ranging in length from 70.1” to 140.9” when fully extended and as little as 18.5” when folded, the Sougayilang Black Hawk Telescopic Spinning Rod is a great light-tackle option for both freshwater and saltwater.

The rod is made of High-Density 24-ton carbon fiber making it one of the lightest and most sensitive telescopic poles on the market.

The CNC milled aluminum reel seat and three-point welded stainless steel guides are corrosion resistant meaning they will never rust.

Anglers from all over the world have given the Sougayilang Black Hawk rave reviews for its compact size, variety of length and weight options, sensitivity, and durable design.

When paired with the Sougayilang 13BB or WQ spinning reel, the combination is hard to beat.  Whether you’re chasing Northern Pike in the lakes of Canada or Redfish in the Florida estuaries, the Sougayilang Black Hawk spinning rod won’t take up valuable space and is easy to set up and collapse.

Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Type: Telescopic Rod
Material: Blend
Weight: 1 lb
Guides: Wired framedceramic guides
Length: 5‘6"
Line Weight: 4 - 10 lb
Power: M
Handle: Fiberglass construction and EVA foam handle
Reel Seat: Glass
Lure Rating: 1/8 to 1/2 oz
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If you’re looking for a freshwater rod you can literally pull out of the box and fish with, go no further than the Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo.

This telescopic rod measures 5’6” when fully extended and only 1’ when collapsed.

The Eagle Claw Ball Bearing reel and aluminum spool come pre-loaded with line so you won’t have to worry about making a separate trip to the store or installing line yourself.

Fiberglass design and an EVA foam handle make this spin casting rod both lightweight and durable.

If you’re on a budget but still want assurance that your rod will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with the Eagle Claw PK56TS Spin Combo.  This rod is perfect for backcountry trips when you can only take limited gear or for any child that wants to get into trout fishing.

Buying Considerations

Purchasing the right telescopic fishing rod can be a daunting proposition.

  • What length and weight are best?
  • What kind of fish will you be catching?
  • What can you afford?
  • Is one brand better than another?
  • With so many options available, making the right decision requires some research ahead of time.

What Type of Rod is Best For You?

When deciding what type of rod, you should buy, it’s important to know the difference between spinning, baitcasting and fly rods.  All these rods can be purchased in a telescopic option for easy storage and transport.

Spinning Rods

Spinning Rod Type

Spinning rods are the most common type of fishing rod and are used for casting lures, trolling and even live bait.  These rods come in a variety of lengths and can be used in streams, lakes, rivers, and saltwater for every species of fish from perch to salmon.

Unlike baitcasting rods, when you cast a spinning rod, line is pulled off the reel by the weight of the lure or bait.  For this reason, spinning rods tangle less frequently than baitcasting rods.

Baitcasting Rods

Baitcasting Rod Type

These rods have a baitcasting reel.   Baitcasting is a method preferred by experienced anglers because of the accuracy with which they can cast.

Instead of the weight of the lure controlling the distance like a spinning reel, the line spins freely off the reel and is controlled by your thumb. If you’re going to consider a baitcasting option for your telescopic setup, it’s wise to test it out before you make a purchase.

Fly Rods

Fly Rod Type

Fly rods are used by fishermen to present flies that imitate the insects fish feed on. By far the most technical fishing method, fly rods are the choice of fishermen who like the idea of catching fish with life-like bait.

While there are many different weights, lengths, lines, and flies, it might be a good idea to take some casting lessons before you choose a fly rod.

What Weight of Rod Should You Purchase?

A largemouth bass caught in a pond in Maine
Spotted Bass Caught Using a Heavy Rod

Weight in a fishing rod is a measurement of how much strain a rod can handle.  Lightweight rods are best for lighter tackles and smaller fish.  Not only will you be able to feel the subtle bites of fish, but you’ll have a lot of fun playing them as well. 

Many telescopic rods you might take with you backpacking or camping are on the lighter side. Heavyweight rods are longer and are meant for fast current, larger tackle, and bigger fish.

If you chase species like steelhead, catfish or bass in heavy cover, a heavy rod is the best choice.  Though you might sacrifice some of the sensitivity of a light rod, you’re won’t lose nearly as much tackle or as many fish.

What Action Suits You Best?

Fishing Rod and Action Illustration

Action is a term used to describe its flexibility and where that flexibility is in the rod. Fast action rods are most flexible near the tip and are lighter weight. 

If you’re going after subtle biting fish like crappie or flounder, a fast action rod will allow you to feel the bite and set the hook quickly. Slow action rods are heavier in weight and the most flexible point is near the reel.

These rods have more backbone and allow you to firmly set the hook for aggressively on larger species like bass or Redfish. Several brands use the term Power but in most cases, it means the same thing. Whereas rod action goes from fast to slow, rod power goes from light to heavy. This table should help you to see the correlation between the two measures.

Rod PowerRod Action
ULUltralightXFExtra Fast
MLMedium LightMFModerate Fast
MHMedium HeavyMSModerate Slow

What Rod Composition Should You Choose?

Knowing what your rod is made of is vital to making the best decision on what to buy.  Most telescopic rods are made out of fiberglass, graphite or a combination of both. Even though fiberglass rods are cheaper to make doesn’t mean they suffer in quality.  They are usually slower in action but tremendously durable.

Fiberglass composition is a perfect choice if you’re a beginner or fish in difficult terrain where it might be easy to break a rod. Graphite rods are popular because they are more sensitive and allow you to feel the bite and fight of the fish.  If you fish with light tackle and enjoy the sensation of your fish feeling like a monster, graphite is the way to go.

Verdict: The Right Decision for You

Best telescopic fishing rods thumbnail

Whether you’re brand new to fishing or just want a rod you can take along wherever you go, a foldable telescopic rod is a solid choice.  Not only will you have room for all of your other gear, but setup and collapsing takes just seconds.

Before you go out and buy the first telescopic rod you see, though, make sure you take time to do the necessary research to find a rod that’s right for you.

Considering the budget, type of rod, length, weight, action, composition and the type of fishing you do most often will allow you to make an educated purchase you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Written by Peter Lechner
Managing Editor
Updated November 29, 2022
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