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Penn Fierce 2 Live Liner Spinning Reel Review

Dale Shetler
By Dale Shetler
Updated November 16, 2020
Penn Fierce 2 Spinning reel
Penn Fierce 2 Live Liner
  • Designed by a leading brand
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Variety of models and sizes
  • Great value for your money
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Shielded but dragged
  • Potential for reduced performance with heavy lures
  • Drag noise off-putting
  • Initial tension on retreive
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The Penn Fierce 2 is an excellent spinning reel in sizes ranging from 1000 to 8000. Both reel models are designed with a full metal body and sideplate, and use PENN HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers, intended for inshore or nearshore use.

Utilizing a 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearing system, the Penn Fierce II and Fierce III spinning reels enable smooth retrieves, with the heavy-duty aluminum bail wire and superline spool designed for easily managing a catch.


  • Full metal body and sideplate
    The durable metal material of the body and sideplate help to align the reel when carrying heavier loads.
  • Spinning reel design
    With a spinning reel design, the Penn Fierce II and Fierce III spinning reels allow for versatile use and can be designed to cast different baits and tackle designs.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
    The four stainless steel ball bearings with an instant anti-reverse bearing allow for a smoother and more controlled catch.
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
    The carbon fiber drag washers are used to maintain and improve balance, spreading drag pressure for a slower and more consistent drag.

Company Info

Penn Fishing Logo

The PENN Fishing Tackle Company was founded in 1932 by Otto Henze. The American manufacturer of fishing tackle is best-known for its fishing reels and rods, and has been designing and manufacturing gear for 75 years.

PENN’S reels have been used to set over 1,400 International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world records, and their signature reel is the Penn Senator.


The design of the Penn Fierce 2 spinning reel allows for quality performance with a smooth cast and easy retrieval. The drag is strong and adjustable at any time during a catch, with easy access at the reel’s top dial. It gives rods the correct bend and lets go within a certain amount of extra drag, preventing bounce and promoting smoothness. With large, oversized handles for simpler handling, the reels can hold a good amount of test line.

The Penn Fierce II is lightweight yet strong and powerful, making it capable for use with heavier bait. The gear is tight and offers very little-to-no back-movement.

Value for Money

Price: $49.99 - $129.99 depending on model and size. Price ascends according to reel size.

At a relatively lower cost than similar reels produced by industry competitors, the Penn Fierce 2 reel is an exceptionally good value for money option. The reel performs to the expected standard for the model and sizes, and are manufactured with high-quality materials.

Setup & Maintenance

The Penn Fierce Il requires very little maintenance and shouldn’t display obvious signs of wear and tear even after years of use. The reel case is sealed well, and the handle can be easily removed for maintenance.

The reel does not need to be washed or cleaned regularly for upkeep, although you may wish to rinse it with fresh water after use. For the most efficient long-term use, the reel can be opened up and re-greased every six months or so.

Assembling and re-assembling the reel on a fishing rod is a quick, two-minute task, providing you follow standard practice for doing so.

Pros & Cons


  • Designed by a leading brand
    Users who are unwilling to trust in a lesser-known brand for a fishing reel will appreciate PENN as a leading manufacturer of fishing reels.
  • Very little maintenance required
    For users looking for a reel that requires virtually no upkeep between use, this reel is a good choice to go for. Providing you use the reel responsibly, and avoid submerging it in lake water or seawater, there is no requirement for you to even wash the reel after every use. If you do want to carry out maintenance, though, such as re-greasing, you can easily open the reel to do so. 
  • Variety of models and sizes
    With plenty of models and sizes to choose from (FRCII1000 to FRCII8000), the Penn Fierce II can be used for fishing in a number of different conditions, with an assortment of bait types, to catch a variety of fish in all sizes.
  • Spinning reel system
    Even with a spinning reel system, the Penn Fierce II doesn’t produce very many tangles and can still be used when there are issues with poor weather/wind. You can take better control of your lure, enabling it to sink down faster without swinging.
  • Adjustable drag
    With easy access to a full range of adjustable drag, a user can adjust drag during fight with fish of any size, helping to smoothen the process and providing easier management at the most important stages.
  • Suitable for beginners
    Lightweight and durable, this reel is suitable for fishing beginners who are looking to practically learn more about the hobby. At a low to mid-range cost, it’s a suitable investment for a first timer who still wants to get long-term use out of a high-quality product.


  • Shielded but not sealed
    Because the Penn Fierce 2 spinning reel just has shielded bearings, and is not sealed like other more expensive products, it may become damaged by saltwater surf or offshore fishing. Salt crystals particles may cause bearings to grind, leading to malfunction. The reel may also clog quickly if directly exposed to sand and other particles in lake or seawater. Saltwater use and submersion in water would require more regular servicing as a result.
  • Potential for reduced performance with increased weight
    With a heavier lure, the Penn Fierce 2 may not perform as smoothly as other reels.
  • Drag noise off-putting
    The drag noise of the Penn Fierce 2 may sound a little loud and off-putting to some users. If you’re looking for quiet or non-existent drag noise, this reel may not meet your requirements.
  • Initial tension on retrieve
    You may notice some initial tension on retrieve when using the reel. With use, this tension quickly clears up and becomes a smooth reel. This does not appear to be an issue for the majority of users.

Model Chart Overview

Model Mono Cap (Yds/Lb) Braid Cap (Yds/Lb) Retrieve Rate Max Drag Bearings Gear Ratio Weight (Oz)
FRCII1000 275/2 135/4 105/6 160/6 130/8 110/10 22 7 4+1 5.2:1 7.8
FRCII2000 240/4 180/6 125/8 210/8 180/10 165/15 30 7 4+1 6.2:1 9.3
FRCII2500 255/6 175/8 140/10 240/10 220/15 160/20 33 7 4+1 6.2:1 9.7
FRCII3000 200/8 165/10 120/12 250/15 180/20 130/30 35 10 4+1 6.2:1 11.7
FRCII4000 270/8 220/10 165/12 360/15 260/20 185/30 37 13 4+1 6.2:1 12.3
FRCII5000 225/12 200/15 135/20 420/20 300/30 240/40 36 20 4+1 5.6:1 19.6
FRCII6000 335/15 230/20 210/25 490/30 390/40 335/50 41 20 4+1 5.6:1 21.2
FRCII8000 340/20 310/25 230/30 475/50 390/65 345/80 44 25 4+1 5.3:1 28.4